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Animated hardwood toys for children of all ages

Free Shipping- Made in the U.S.

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Hildegard the Hungry Hippo-$45


cropped frog






Ferdinand the Friendly Frog-$51


cropped turtle





Timothy the Timid Turtle-$86


cropped beaver





Bucky the Busy Beaver-$62


cropped skunk







Scooter the Scented Skunk-$62


cropped corocodile





Crawford the Cross Crocodile-$48










Vlad the Vulgar Vulture-$76


cropped seal





Sally the Saucy Seal-$46


cropped gorilla







Gregory the Gallivanting Gorilla-$62


cropped shark





Cherrice the Shredding Shark-$62


cropped kangaroo







Kyle the Kicking Kangaroo-$62


cropped lobster





Laurence the Loco Lobster-$62


cropped tyrannosaurus








Tyrone the Tyrannical Tyrannosaurus-$76



cropped brontosaurus





Brunhilde the Brawny Brontosaurus-$76












Animal Glider Swing (moose)-$110 (sold out)

ram swing




Animal Glider Swing (Ram)- $110






Elephant and Moose -sold out